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Mar 17, 2010

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. and my life. That unpleasant picture of myself in those mirrors was burned into my head. It appeared just like the first-time in decades that I had truly checked out myself, and I hadn't only observed my outer self - but even more exposing was - I knew I used to be considering my inner-self, too.Then suddenly everything culminated at age 40 in a painful and sudden breakup. How will you get the portions and begin again if you feel like everything is not under? I came across that " over the hill " does not mean a hill of beans - because, anyone, at any age, can be who and whatsoever we should be. I came across the courage to let see a brand new lifestyle and go of yesteryear. The life I must say I wanted!! The restlessness that had been simmering all my life just erupted. I had to all do something radical - allin a very optimistic approach.

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