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Mar 17, 2010

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Before you begin to use the autopilot you’ll should follow another selection todo the original at-sea setup. We followed it step through different throttle settings by step and transforms without any problem. Whole time was about 10 minutes. the pilot involved in heading store with all. The course that is required is the insect that is yellow and the ship planning is the blue triangle. You modify the specified planning with all the softkeys below arrows. The standby key that is crimson disengages the autopilot. Next we presented an instant check to find out how it followed a course to the GHP10. Even though the breeze blew hard we observed a bay with reasonably peaceful oceans for the preliminary testing. We were satisfied with your first test-run because the autopilot monitored nice and right holding class well. To avoid an item inside the water the wheel as needed basically turns. The Shadow Drive™ momentarily disconnects the autopilot and gives you handle.

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