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Mar 17, 2010

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If you're able to last that long boot Camp Work Outs are approximately 70 units. Exactly how many months? Join anytime, Boot Camp Work Outs will continue until September Would you buy as many times when you wish? Bootcamp Work-Outs Save and Spend $ 100 for 4 periods or are $30 per individual period. from making a dedication, effects result. Could I use my bootcamp treatment expenditures anytime? Undoubtedly! Should you can’t ensure it is one session. (Send a PAL and save 5 bucks - obtain a $5 discount for every buddy you check with the Rut Roberts Fitness Bootcamp) Boot Camp sessions may either be ordered online or compensated in money on the day. Please make sure you deliver your bill that is on line about the morning as proof of transaction. 1 SESSION $30.00 4 SESSIONS $100.

Free Funkrobertsbootcamp pdf here!


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